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Our lenders offer refinance second mortgages, home equity refinancing and fixed 2nd mortgage rates. Our top rated lending team will help you refinance your variable rate equity loan or line of credit without having to invest a lot of time or money. We will help you compare 2nd mortgage refinance programs.

Our lending refinance partners tender several types of second mortgages for refinancing and bill consolidation.

Some of the programs offer good pricing for sub-prime credit, and some of the products are definitely geared for towards the "A" paper type borrower who has never been late on a bill. Our mortgage lenders will help you refinance whether you are self-employed or a salaried employee.

If you are tired of your variable rate 2nd mortgage payment going up, then refinancing into a fixed interest rate loan is an option that will solve that problem. Refinance loans are efficient and a cost-effective way to pay off loans and credit card interest! Many people are paying off debt and getting their 2nd mortgage payments locked with a fixed rate 2nd mortgage. Revising your credit line with a fixed interest mortgage is suggested if the rates are variable. Select from programs that are designed for refinancing your 1st mortgage or consolidating your 2nd mortgage.

Fixed 2nd Mortgages
Adjustable Rate Home Credit Lines
Combine Debt with home equity loans
2nd Home Refinancing

Getting Approved for Second Mortgage Refinancing Can be Difficult: With many homeowners suffering from lay-offs and late payments, credit score averages have dipped significantly. We can connect you with lending pros that may offer some solutions > Mortgage Lenders for People with Bad Credit.

Fed Suggests that Real Estate Has Not Hindered the Economy: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke provided new insights into the slowing housing market as he addressed the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.
Although the topic of conversation was focused on the Fed's semiannual monetary policy report, he touched on real estate often.

Housing sales have not hurt the economy: "The U.S. economy appears to be making a transition from the rapid rate of expansion experienced over the preceding several years to a more sustainable average pace of growth. The principal source of the ongoing moderation has been a substantial cooling in the housing market, which has led to a marked slowdown in the pace of residential construction. However, the weakness in housing market activity and the slower appreciation of house prices do not seem to have spilled over to any significant extent to other sectors of the economy."

Residential Rents should increase moderately: "The faster pace of rent increases last year may have been attributable in part to the reduced affordability of owner-occupied housing, which led to a greater demand for rental housing. Rents should rise somewhat less quickly this year and next, reflecting recovering demand for owner-occupied housing as well as increases in the supply of rental units. But the extent and pace of that adjustment are not yet clear."

Mortgage Lenders should consider risk of payment shock: "Just to note one action we've taken recently, along with the other federal banking agencies, we've issued guidance on nontraditional mortgages, mortgages that involve interest-only or option ARMs that may not be amortizing mortgages. And we've emphasized to the lenders that they should be, first, very careful in their underwriting. That is, they should ensure that the borrower is equipped to deal with payment shock, if interest rates go up; that they have sufficient income to meet higher payments. And secondly, those disclosures are adequate, so that the borrowers are fully informed about the nature of the contract that they're getting involved in."

Inventory to normalize in 2011: "The predicate is that we have seen what we think or what we call tentative signs of stabilization in demand for housing. If, in fact, the demand for housing is stabilizing – and, again, we won't know that for sure, I think, until we see sales figures in the spring – then we should see from here a gradual decline in the months for sale inventory. The normal is, at least for the last eight to 10 years, four-and-a-half months of homes for sale. And my anticipation would be that we would get back toward that general level by the end of [2008] assuming that demand stabilizes."

Second Mortgage Terms: 10, 15, 20, or 25-year re-payment schedules
Loan to Value: 90%, 100%, 125%
Credit Levels: Excellent, Fair/Poor and Bad credit scores
Documentation: Complete income (W2's and paystubs or Reduced Doc)
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