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1 Second Mortgage, Inc. is a marketing corporation that bridges homeowners with lenders extending 2nd mortgage solutions throughout the United States. We remain one of the fastest growing marketing organizations for people to find home equity financing in the nation. When homeowners need money swiftly, they come our website because we have several decades of experience helping consumers find companies to finance construction, remodeling, debt consolidation and much more. It's no secret that most banks do not like to waste their time with subordinate loan products, but that just happens to be our niche.

We have introduced applicants to loan companies that have facilitated thousands of subordinate transactions. Not all lending companies offer 2nd mortgage liens, in fact most do not offer any type of subordinate loan program at all.

Company Info

Many years ago, a group of investors came together to create a unique lending company that specialized in junior liens.

So the inception of our website followed our mission statement and focused on 2nd lien origination striving to deliver home equity and bill consolidation solutions for homeowners in the United States. We look to offer a clear path for you to find a 2nd mortgage broker that helps you reach your financing goals.

Find Loan Officers that are standing by to serve your financial needs today!

Our company may provide a path to home financing solutions to consumers who are self-employed, have bad credit and who may be considered a first time borrower who does not meet the requirements of most conventional mortgage lenders.

This website creates attempts to connect consumers to shop residential home loans through a national network of lenders and brokers through its online loan portal. Interest rates and terms can change without notice so make sure to request a "Good Faith Estimate."

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