Loan to Value Requirements for a 2nd Mortgage

According to Prime Home Equity, 2nd mortgage loan to value requirements vary based on credit score, debt to income ratios and the size of the loan amount. Discuss your loan eligibility with one of our seasoned loan officers to determine the details for a possible 2nd loan. Loan to Value is an important financial term also known as LTV. With 2nd mortgages most banks will use the term, Total Loan to Value or TLTV because it is considering both liens against the appraised value of your house. Some lenders will call this Combined Loan to Value or CLTV. Many banks and credit unions that advertise really low interest rates will require more equity or a lower loan to value than most of the 2nd mortgage LTV's are required from the companies associated with this site. Of course, we suggest getting all of the LTV requirements from all second mortgage companies you are considering. We anticipate there will be some changes in regards loan to value requirements on 2nd mortgage products in 2019 and 2020, so it makes sense to discuss the current guidelines with an experienced home equity lender or bank. Make sure you compare 1st and 2nd mortgage LTV requirements before making a commitment in refinancing your present mortgage or taking out a new lien.

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1 Second Mortgage
Credit Score

Maximum Loan to Value



700 to 719


680 to 699


660 to 679


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