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One of the most popular reasons to get a 2nd mortgage is to pay for home improvements or remodeling. Homeowners have more access to tax deductions when the make house repairs or remodel utilizing a 2nd mortgage which many banks and finance companies consider a "home improvement loan." There may be no better way to leverage the tax laws while improving the residential real estate property that you own.

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We can direct you to the Top lenders in the country. We can help find you loan to do the improvements for your home. Use Your Home's Equity to Get Cash, Consolidate Your Debts, Improve or Remodel Your Home.

Using the equity in your house to finance improvements, construction and remodeling is a wise decision for homeowners looking to maximize tax deductibility while increasing the value of their investment. Learn how to improve your house with a home equity line of credit.

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Real estate insiders suggest that making home improvement can directly affect the appreciation of your home.

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Credit Levels: Excellent, Fair/Poor and Bad credit scores
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Florida: Housing Sector Rebound? Florida real estate started to slow in 2005, ahead of many other parts of the country. And now some real estate practitioners say the state is still ahead of the curve, leading resurgence in sales.

Ann Rogers, who owns three Pinellas County Keller Williams franchises, says the home inventory isn’t growing because houses are selling at about the same pace that sellers are putting them on the market.

Developer Brandon Pastilong has already sold four of the eight townhomes he’s building in a remote part of St. Petersburg. They are priced at $300,000 to $350,000.

"We feel the housing market doesn't have much more to drop," says Verne Packer, who is building a 30-unit condo complex. Packer is trying to time the market, relying on a construction technique that allows him to put up a home in less than a week. He doesn't have final pricing on his development, but he says the 2,100 to 2,600-square-foot hurricane-resistant homes will sell for about $400,000.