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If you are buying or refinancing a vacation or investment home you need to talk to companies that offer second home mortgage loans at a reasonable rate and cost. Did you know that underwriters evaluate loans on second homes for new home purchasing and refinancing differently than primary residence properties? Most banks charge a higher interest rate on 2nd home loans, but not all finance companies do. So it behooves you to locate lending companies that extend financing with competitive pricing. There is also a major difference on guidelines on vacation homes versus investment properties. The fact is that there are major greater risks on non-owner occupied investment homes than owner-occupied 2nd homes as the default rate with investment properties is much higher. In most cases, a person can get a loan on a second home they plan to occupy much quicker with less equity required than home loan on a property they plan to rent out to other people. Many borrowers find themselves stuck with an adjustable rate on their second home mortgage. Our lending partners can help you refinance your second home mortgage into a fixed rate loan that works with your budget.

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When financing a second home, you may find that the loan guidelines are tighter for second home loans. When buying a second home you can expect to have to come up with an additional 10% down in most cased. Interest rates on owner-occupied and non-owner occupied mortgages can vary substantially. The fact is that not all mortgage companies wish to carry the risk of vacation home loans and investment mortgages so the interest rates are much higher than companies that consider 2nd home financing a niche. For over a decade, our team has been searching for the most competitive 2nd home lenders in the United States. We can help you meet 2nd home lenders that understand the difficulties of financing a second home, so we do our best to reduce the stress.

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