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Our customers keep coming back because our mortgage rates on 2nd mortgages and home equity lines are so low. We will help you compare 2nd mortgage interest rate online. Our lenders offer several types of second mortgages. Some of the programs offer interest rates for sub-prime credit, and some of the 2nd mortgage rates are definitely low enough for the "A" paper type borrower to consider when rate shopping. If you are considering refinancing your adjustable rate mortgages, give us a call because our fixed rate loans will save you money! Yes we still provide quotes for bad credit rates with several opportunities on high risk loan programs. Compare Quotes for Free Now from multiple 2nd mortgage companies.

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If your second mortgage rates have been enlarging with your monthly payments, then refinancing into a fixed interest rate loan is an option that will solve that problem. It's no secret that a few years ago many homeowners took out revolving equity lines of credit that have adjustable interest rates that have been ticking up. It makes sense to examine those credit lines to see if the fixed 2nd mortgage rates will improve their financial situation.

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Find out if you meet the standards for the lowest interest rates under the home equity loan programs. 2nd liens can be cost-effective measures to refinance loans and revolving credit cards!

Many people have become clever as they are paying off debt and getting their new loan with a fixed rate 2nd mortgage. Over the life of a loan a fixed interest rate could put thousands of dollars in savings back in your bank account!

Even as interest rates continue to drop, home values and lot values continue to be reduced. FHA mortgage rates have been supporting the vast majority of new home buyers. Revising your credit line with a fixed interest mortgage is suggested if the rates are variable. Select from programs that are designed for refinancing your 1st mortgage or consolidating your 2nd mortgage.

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Home Prices Drop for Metro Residential Areas Even as Interest Rates Drop

According to the Wall Street Journal, The prices of residential lots near metropolitan areas has dropped considerably in the past year. As a result of qualifying for an equity loan becoming more difficult, 2nd mortgage rates have inched up because fewer lenders are willing to take the risk in today's lending climate. If the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill is repealed you can expect 2nd mortgage interest rates to fall again.

Most lenders will tell you that financing a home today requires a significant commitment from borrowers. If you have some issues on your credit report, don't be so quick to assume that you won't qualify for a home loan.

In hindered markets, land sellers may try to make their listings more attractive to buyers by reducing prices; offering reduced rate owner financing and closing cost assistance says Eydie Heller, a real estate practitioner in Florida. Bad credit mortgage rates have dropped dramatically since FHA became more of a player in the sub-prime market. The Federal Housing Administration has slowly but surely driven interest rates down on mortgages for people with poor credit scores.

Second Mortgage Terms:

10, 15, 20, or 25-year re-payment schedules

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90%, 100%, 125%

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Excellent, Fair, Poor


Complete income (W2's and Pay-stubs or Stated Income)

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2nd Mortgage Loans start at $10,000 and go up to $1,000,000. Rates remain low and credit standards have been eased in recent months.

Fixed-Rate Loans Are Cool Again! More home buyers avoided adjustable mortgages last year in favor of fixed-rate loans, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA's) Mortgage Originations Survey released this week.

The number of fixed-rate loans increased from 43.3% in the first quarter of 2015 to 46.2% in the second half.

First-time home buyers represented 26.9% of home purchases throughout 2015. Their average loan amount was $197,044. Non first-time home buyers borrowed an average of $228,547.

In the second half of 2006, 19.9% of loans were for single-family attached homes, 75.1 % for single-family detached homes, check lender for rates for manufactured and mobile homes and 4% for 2-4 unit structures.

Approximately 55.4% of single-family attached home originations were for condos or cooperatives, with the remainder for other single-family attached properties such as townhouses, duplexes and row houses

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