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We provide a fee free value added service for consumers searching for available 2nd mortgage lenders and brokers. Are you looking for lenders that provides 2nd lien products to meet your financial needs? It is important to find a lender that specializes in the types of loans you need, so if you need a second mortgage loan, then compare second mortgage lenders until you find the best one for your needs. Meet second mortgage brokers and lenders that understand home equity program features needed in today's marker-place. We understand lending obstacles like "loan to value", "debt to income ratio" and "credit score." Now is a great time to talk to second mortgage lenders that extend credit for refinancing, house repairs and cash out.

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Most lenders have stopped offering second mortgage programs but our second mortgage lenders continue to extend credit to people with second liens that meet the program parameters. Second mortgages remain popular for cash out and debt consolidation loans.

We recommend using borrowing against your home with a 2nd loan for adjustable rate mortgage refinancing and consolidating credit card debt.

1 Second Mortgage Inc. can help you compare loan quotes until you find the lowest rate mortgage that meets your long term financial goals. Our second mortgage lending partners provide free consultation and low second mortgage rates. We are excited to connect you with two to three 2nd mortgage lenders who offer the most competitive rates in the nation.

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Mortgage News Refinance loan applications dropped for 3rd week in a row, equity loan inquires spiked 12% according to a survey of 2nd mortgage lenders.