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Looking for a low interest Equity Line or Fixed Interest with an Equity Loan? We can direct you to the Top lenders in the country. We can find you a Home Equity loan whether you have poor or excellent credit! More and more applicants are coming to our website to find a lender that specializes in 2nd chance equity loans for people with bad credit scores. Even if you had a bankruptcy or foreclosure, there may be an opportunity for you to consolidate bills or even obtain some quick cash! As interest rates change direction the home equity market is destined to return in robust form. The banks have already started easing requirements for home equity mortgages.

Cash in your increased home equity, and consolidate your bills, and consider improve or your house with a new roof, fresh landscaping, or possibly even adding a room. Compare the characteristics of an installment loan with a fixed interest rate versus the revolving line of credit that has a variable rate of interest. Why not take a few minutes and find out what reputable companies are able to offer you with home equity terms.

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How to Find the Best Home Equity Loans & Credit Lines

Let our lending representatives' help you compare home equity loan and rate options. Our lending partners offer 2nd mortgages and home equity credit lines for most types of credit! If you applied for a loan online and it was rejected recently, consider this cost-effective secondary financing alternative to use your home equity and refinance loan before the adjustable rate period kicks in and increases your monthly payments. Ask your representative about new second chance loans and equity home loan programs for people with damaged credit.

Many consumers have decided to refinance debt and reduce their monthly payments with a fixed rate home equity mortgage. Refinancing a home equity line with bad credit to a fixed interest mortgage is suggested if the interest rates have reached the variable period. People appreciate the cash flow benefits of interest only payments but after a while it makes sense to convert an adjustable rate credit line into an equity loan with a fixed term and interest rate. Ask about new subprime home equity loan programs for people with poor credit scores and past credit issues like late payments, medical collections, bankruptcies, short-sales and more.

Select from popular loan programs that are designed for refinancing your 1st mortgage or consolidating your 2nd mortgage.

  • Evaluate the Payments of the Home Equity Line Loan that ensure an option for a fixed interest rate.
  • Is it still possible to take out home equity mortgages to 100% with no equity? Learn more about new product availability and LTV standards for no equity loans.
  • Bad Credit Equity Lines with Adjustable Rates –Find out what today's guidelines consist of on home equity lines for people with poor credit scores.
  • Analyze the Pros and cons of an Equity Loan with a Fixed Interest Rate.
  • Find No Income Verification Mortgage Loans
  • Talk to the Experts about Paying Off High Interest Debt with a Home Equity Loan or Credit Line.
  • Home Equity Loan or Cash Out Refinance?

Compare the Fixed Home Equity Loans or Revolving Line of Credit

Home Equity Loan Terms
Interest Type: Fixed Simple Interest
Home Equity Terms: 10, 15, 20, or 25 year re-payment schedules
Loan to Value: 90%, 100%, 125%
Credit Levels: Excellent, Fair/Poor and Bad credit scores
Documentation: Complete income (W2's and pay-stubs) or Reduced Doc
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Home Equity Line of Credit Terms
Interest Type: Revolving Variable Interest
Home Equity Draw:

10, or 15-year Draw
With 5 or 10 or re-payment schedules

Loan to Value: 80%, 90%, 100%
Credit Levels: Excellent, Fair/Poor and Poor credit scores
Documentation: Complete income (W2's and pay-stubs) Stated or Reduced Doc
Mortgage Rates: Learn more about the current rates on home equity credit lines

Do You Qualify to Take Out Cash for Consolidating Credit Cards and High Interest Debts? Many homeowners are unaware of the vast benefits available with home equity mortgages. Many people even qualify to receive money with a home equity loan for bad credit. Find out if a home equity loan is the right vehicle for you to consolidate high interest charge cards and unsecured debt.

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Remember that most banks do not offer a wide variety of home equity loan programs. They do like taking risks on HELOCs and home equity loans for bad credit. That's why it is so important to use a website like this to help you review lenders that truly specialize in home equity loans and credit lines. Research the Home Equity Line Loan and see why many consider this website to be the leading portal offering the financing tools you've been looking for. You will appreciate the easy online form takes less than two minutes to complete!

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Not Much Equity Required on Bad Credit Home Equity Lines! Talk to a loan officer today and learn more about the criteria on equity loan products. Find out what the equity and minimum credit score standards are for home equity credit line offers.

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  • Home equity line loans start at $10,000 and go up to $1,000,000. Talk to lenders about which credit line best suits your financing needs.

The graphic above is referring to $25,000 home equity loan at $139 a month with 5.25% rate that is fixed for thirty years with an APR of 5.97% with $795 in lender closing fees. 2-17-12.
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