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Second Mortgages with No Income Verification

#1 Second Mortgage offers stated income second mortgages, and no income verification home equity and 2nd mortgage loans for self-employed and salaried borrowers searching for cash out lending online.

1 Second Mortgage Inc. will help you find a 2nd mortgage that requires less paperwork and less income verifying that often hinders the loan process.

We will help see if you qualify to access cash quickly so you can go back to your business. Talk with mortgage companies that still offer secured loans with reduced documentation.

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Financing Analysts: Falling Home Values & Mortgage Rates
Statistics that say housing prices have continued to rise modestly or have fallen only slightly are deceiving, say some real estate analysts, because the stats don't reflect houses that sit on the market for months because their owners refuse lowball offers. Interest rates are beginning to drop again, and refinance loan applications have started to increase as a result. The lowered mortgage rates could help home values rebound in 2007 and 2008.

Real estate experts report residential price drops of 10 - 15% in the Boston area, suburban New York City, Portland, Ore., and northern Virginia, among other markets. While these drops benefit buyers, economists are concerned that declining values leave homebuyers who bought at the peak underwater and are particularly damaging for those who bought with no down payment. Many more households will fall behind on their mortgage payments and won't be able to bail themselves out by refinancing or selling their homes, says Mark Zandi, chief economist. At worst, this could be the start of something bigger, Zandi says. The housing slump of 2006 could be "the most significant threat to the global expansion" among current economic issues, he says.

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By Mary Stasiewicz

No income verification second mortgage explanation: This is a second mortgage program that mortgage lenders offer for borrowers who would rather not have to provide income documentation. This 2nd mortgage allows applicants to state their income on their initial residential loan application. The lending underwriters do not require any documentation nor do they verify the income with the employers or bank. This is a special home equity loan that does not require the borrower to prove income declared on their application. This is most useful for self employed and independent contract workers who receive a 1099 instead of a W-2 as they would have a difficult time proving their income. Stated income mortgage loans are the most commonly used and usually the least expensive of the no documentation types of mortgages.

Most 2nd mortgage lenders understand that it is difficult for individuals who are self-employed or operate a one-person firm to verify their income. Different types of no income loans are offered including state income or no income verification loans.

A stated income second mortgage loan is suitable for borrowers who have no verifiable income and have assets to meet minimum reserve requirements of the lender. The stated income on your application must be reasonable in terms of your assets. Qualifications for no income verification loans require the borrower to have a minimum credit score.

Mary is a free-lance writer who produces loan articles for consumers. You can read more home loan articles online. If you would like more financing program info about home equity and please visit second mortgages. For updated loan terms please visit #1 Second Mortgages.

Many homeowners are paying off debt and getting their monthly mortgage payments reduced with a fixed rate equity loan. Revising your credit line or HELOC with a fixed interest mortgage is suggested if the interest rates are variable.

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